Saturday, March 14, 2009

Cakes, Treats and fun desserts

Do you have to have a traditional wedding cake at your wedding? Absolutely not! It's your day. Have some fun. From cookie bride and groom cut-outs to bundt cakes and Viennese tables, design the sweet part of your wedding to suit your tastes and those of your guests as well as your budget.

If you love the ceremony tied to a wedding cake - have a small single or tiered cake - and add other treats for your guests. Or have sheet cakes of different flavors, ready to cut and serve by the waitstaff.

If you are on a tighter budget - think about a cake (or cupcakes) sized to serve every guest seated at a table and use the cake (on a pedestal) topped or surrounded with flowers/favors as the centerpiece of the tables.

Concerned about the empty space in a reception room when the cake is cut and gone? Have your cake placed on a large vase with the flower arrangement inside (or fruit, or sparkles etc.) - when the cake is removed, you still have a lovely centerpiece in place for the remainder of your wedding.

Having a long reception with lots of dancing after the dinner is served. A good thing to do when you have the traditional cake, is to have cookies or other sweet snacks available later during the reception - all that dancing and laughing makes people hungry as well as thirsty - offer your guests a plate of treats set on each table to eat at their leisure. 

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