Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Wedding Brunch

Are you the couple that everyone loves to do things with? Perhaps a wedding brunch is more your style - leaving most of the weekend for playing outdoors with close friends and family.

Love golf (and your friends do too?) - Love to hike, bike, fish? Do your partners (and friend's partners) prefer to shop and/or maybe pampered with spa treatments? Then design a wedding weekend that gives you the time to do all these things - and a wedding brunch fits the ticket nicely.

What is lovely about a wedding brunch, is that you may host one on a Sunday instead if Saturday and not cut into people's travel time going home. This gives you all day Saturday to play with your friends. Of course you may have a Saturday brunch if preferred.

Sample Menu Items:
Eggs Benedict (Made w/ Vermont Bacon and Citrus Hollandiase)
Strawberry Ginger Cream Crepes
Champagne Fruit Compote
Waldorf Salad
Poached Pear w/ Vermont Chevre w/Strawberry, Fig, Apricot Balsamic Compote
Seafood Quiche

$4300.00 for 20 to 25 people for a seated brunch

$4050.00 for 20 to 25 people for buffet brunch

* Lodging is included with different size rooms and number of people in rooms. We have 4 Queen rooms, 4 Suites, and one apartment included in this sample package

You may opt to pay for your guests' lodging or decide on a set price for each guest room to be charged to the individual guest and deducted from this package cost. You are responsible for all unsold rooms included in this package.

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