Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Outdoor Weddings

Outdoor weddings in Vermont are fun day and night.

Fresh air, shining stars, candles glittering.... 

Enjoy your cocktail hour by the pool - during the day or at night lit by floating candles and shimmering torches. 

Our former tennis court provides a lovely flat surface for weddings up to 250 people. There is lots of room for many different style set-ups designed for your event. Each area can be held under one very large tent or defined by different tents - according to the number of people attending your wedding and how you would like things to be arranged.

Have children attending your wedding and wish to give their parents a bit of a break? Book a smaller tent and set-up a babysitting/entertainment area. Provide a clown or balloon maker perhaps line up a video or two. Games, pizza and finger food can make your wedding fun for the children and the parents.

Design a wedding ceremony area according to your style - casual or formal and put it under a separate tent or under the sky. 

Outdoor Daytime and Nighttime wedding packages are available - please Contact us at for pricing information

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