Sunday, March 15, 2009

Using another Caterer

At Frog's Leap Inn we are flexible. Some guests may have a specific caterer in mind for their wedding or want a different style than we may offer. It is your day and we want you to plan and tailor it to your desires.

For those choosing that option we do require an independent insurance waiver to be purchased. The cost of that waiver varies according to the size of the wedding etc.

From Friday 12 Noon to Sunday 2:00PM the entire inn and grounds are yours. We offer earlier check-in and later departure times for weddings - we know how hard it is to say good-bye to everyone, as well as all that packing up that has to be done. Breakfast (and Welcome Basket) for those staying at the inn is included - a surcharge will be applied for outside guests for those meals. We will make up matching Welcome Baskets for your guests staying at another inn for a separate fee.

$5200.00 not including Tax and Service Charge

Do you wish to relax a bit before the wedding or make sure that all your guests arrive on time? Book Thursday as well for an additional $1,000 (which is discounted from our regular rates).

For weddings over 50 people, there is a $2 per person fee over 50.

Your wedding guests staying at the inn may be responsible for payment of their rooms, however all rooms would be guaranteed by you.

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